Saskatoon Early Childhood Education Demonstration Centre

The Saskatoon Early Childhood Education Demonstration Centre is located in the north end of Mount Royal Collegiate. This area was renovated in 2009 to accommodate the Saskatoon Trades and Skills Center and Saskatchewan Polytechnic programs. SKPoly operates several courses from the building including the Early Childhood Education Certificate and Diploma Programs. The child care centre was constructed with observation booths to support the education of the Early Childhood Education students. The centre’s programming and philosophy closely reflects the curriculum of the Early Childhood Education Program. The benefits of this partnership are felt throughout our organization by children, parents and staff.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. If there is not a space immediately available you can be placed on our waitlist. If your contact information changes please make sure to call the centre to update your application information.

Who We Serve

We are a community based program that welcomes all children and families. Priority is given to Saskatchewan Polytechnic students, Staff of Mount Royal Collegiate and Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Saskatoon Trades and Skills students and staff.

Contact information

The centre is located in the north end of Mount Royal Collegiate- the Saskatoon Trades and Skills Centre and Saskatoon Polytechnic area of the building.

440 Avenue W North
Saskatoon, SK S7L 1C1


7:00 am -5:30 pm Monday - Friday. Closed for Statutory Holidays.

Fees: (for full time spaces)

Infant $1,080
Toddler $900
Preschool $795
Kindergarten $635

Some part time spaces are available. Please contact the centre director for rates and availability.


We are a 62 space centre. We have 12 infant (6 weeks - 17 months) spaces, 10 toddler (18 months - 29 months) spaces and 40 preschool (30 months – age 5) spaces.

Ratios are determined by the Government of Saskatchewan and are 1 adult: 3 children for infants, 1 adult: 5 children for toddlers and 1adult: 10 children for preschool and kindergarten aged children.

Relationship with Saskatchewan Polytechnic

The Saskatoon Early Childhood Education Demonstration Centre has a special relationship with the Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Early Childhood Education program and faculty. Students from this program frequently use the observation booths and are in the centre’s rooms as part of their coursework. Students are not counted in ratios and children remain under the supervision of their teachers. It is expected that students will follow all policies and procedures while in the environment of the centre. Students greatly benefit from their involvement with the Demonstration Centre and their learning is strengthened and enhanced by this relationship. Early childhood educators are also asked to facilitate discussions and give presentations to the students at the request of the faculty, further extending the students’ learning. These experiences have become an integral part of the Early Childhood Education program at the Saskatoon campus and are coordinated by the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Liaison.