Sharon Van Cleave Child Care Centre

The Sharon Van Cleave Centre is located in Mount Royal Collegiate and is primarily for young parents attending high school. It occupies two locations in the school. The childcare office, two infant areas and the centre kitchen are located in the main centre on the east side of the school. The 10 space toddler room with its two early childhood educators is located off the main hall on the south side of the school. The toddler room has a door directly to an inner courtyard play area. The Child Care Director and the Parent Program Coordinator share an office just inside the door of the main centre. There are two six space infant rooms each staffed by two early childhood educators. All of the food served in our centre is homemade by our cook who also prepares a lunch each week for the parents. There is soup, bagels and other easy to prepare food available in the kitchen for parents. The kitchen has a large table where parents meet and do homework, or eat.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. If there is not a space immediately available you can be placed on our waitlist. If your contact information changes, please make sure to call the centre to update your application information.

Contact information

The centre is located in Mount Royal Collegiate.

2220 Rusholme Road
Saskatoon, SK S7L 4A4


8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday.

Please note that this centre is closed for all school holidays including the summer break.

Who We Serve

The centre has 22 spaces for young parents enrolled in high school courses. To be eligible for the teen spaces, parents must be under 22 years of age on the first day of the term and attending a high school level program. Priority is given to students attending Mount Royal Collegiate or Royal West Campus. If there are open spaces they are available to community parents.


  • Infant $975
  • Toddler $810
  • Preschool $715

Note about teen spaces – There are no child care fees. Child care is provided free of charge to young parents who are under 22 years of age on the first day of the term and are attending a high school level program that is free of charge to them.

If spaces are not used by young parents the centre will accept community parents who are charged the same rates as Royal West Early Learning Centre.


We are a 22 space centre. We have 12 infant (6 weeks-17 months) spaces and 10 toddler (18 months-30 months) spaces.

Ratios are determined by the Government of Saskatchewan and are 1 adult:3 children for infants and 1 adult :5 children for toddlers

Relationship with Mount Royal Collegiate

The Sharon Van Cleave Centre works closely with Mount Royal Collegiate administration and staff to support the young parents’ success both as a parent and in their academic endeavors.