Organization History

Saskatoon Student Child Care Services Inc. is a non-profit, registered charity that was incorporated in 1982. Its first child care program was Mount Royal Infant Centre, a ten space child care centre for the children of teen parents attending Mount Royal Collegiate, which opened in the fall of 1988. Mount Royal Infant Centre was the second centre for teen parents in the province and the first to be located in a high school. Our Sharon Van Cleave Child Care Centre, as it is now known, quickly grew into a 22 space infant and toddler centre. This program offers a variety of supports and programming specifically for young parents which assists them as parents and as high school students.

In 2002 Saskatoon Public Schools developed the unique Royal West Campus program. Royal West Early Learning Centre was the first child care program to offer both teen and community spaces. This program serves students who want to complete their grade 12 and also offers child care spaces that are open to the wider community of families needing child care. Royal West Campus offers an adult model of education and provides learning opportunities that better suit the older student who may also be working and/or be a parent. Our organization became part of the new school and established a 28 space program. It soon expanded to a 34 space infant, toddler and preschool child care centre and in April 2016 expanded again to a 50 space centre. Our expanded space invites more young parents to continue to use the centre after they finish high school. We are able to continue to support the young parents and help them more successfully transition to post-secondary education or the work world while also supporting the broader need for child care in Saskatoon with our community spaces.

Our Sharon Van Cleave Child Care Centre and Royal West Early Learning Centre provide parent programming and support to assist parents in whatever way necessary to help them become nurturing parents and self-sufficient, contributing members of society. Two parent program coordinators provide a variety of individual and group programming and supports.

In September 2007, our organization was approached by Saskatchewan Polytechnic and asked to operate the first demonstration centre in Saskatchewan. Once again, our organization was afforded the opportunity to be involved in a unique project. We would operate and manage the centre, but the center would be developed to meet the education needs of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Early Childhood Education program. Our programs have always tried to stay current on developments in the Early Childhood Education field and we believed that our organization as a whole would benefit from the connection with the academic branch of our field. On August 9th, 2010 the 62 space Saskatoon Early Childhood Education Demonstration Centre opened its doors in the Saskatchewan Polytechnic wing of Mount Royal Collegiate.