Empowering Families & Children

Through Excellence in Child Care!

Mission Statement

Saskatoon Student Child Care Services

We serve families by providing quality early learning and child care and parent/caregiver support programs that:

  • Form the foundation for children’s optimal development and
  • Support parents/caregivers’ pursuit of their educational and career goals.


We believe that every person has the right to education, employment, and a nurturing environment that provides opportunities for optimal development. Our view is that children are competent, curious, inventive, and born to learn. We believe that all children from all backgrounds and cultures, and at every age and stage, deserve our respect. They are strong and powerful contributors to their own learning. Working in partnership with each other, educators, family, and community members, children construct knowledge and learn about their world.

Saskatoon Student Child Care Services
Reggio Emilia Inspired

Saskatoon Student Child Care Services Inc. is inspired by the work of educators in Reggio Emilia, Italy who believe that children are competent, capable, and are central to their own learning. Educators come alongside children to build knowledge through observation and inquiry to support the “100 Languages of Children”. Carefully planned, purposeful, and aesthetically pleasing environments, both indoor and outdoor, provide the structure for this learning with a heavy emphasis on play. Our Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy is child-centered, experiential, and relationship-driven.

Outdoor Pedagogy

Saskatoon Student Child Care Services Inc. believes that outdoor play and access to nature is essential to developing children’s physical, cognitive, emotional, creative, and social development. Outdoor programming is built on a strong foundation of respect for the environment, curiosity, and wonder for the natural world. Children of all ages embrace outdoor learning in various weather conditions to connect and explore nature. From building snow forts to flipping rocks over in search of various insects to feeling raindrops for the first time—children explore as competent and capable learners to build their understanding of the world around them. Children are supported to take risks that grow and challenge their skills and to better assess and manage risk in all areas of their lives.

Play & Exploration

The Play and Exploration Early Learning Program Guide was developed by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Early Years Branch to promote high-quality, age-appropriate, play-based learning experiences for young children. Saskatoon Student Child Care Services Inc. closely follows the Play and Exploration guide in all of our programs. Children are competent learners that build their self-identity through responsive care. Educators play a vital role in developing rich and meaningful relationships with children and their families to support holistic growth and development.

Our Centres

Saskatoon Student Child Care Services

Sharon Van Cleave Child Care Centre

Located in Mount Royal Collegiate for young student families and community families.

Saskatoon Student Child Care Services

Saskatoon ECE Demonstration Centre

Located in the north end of Mount Royal Collegiate for students and teachers/instructors of Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatoon Trades and Skills Centre, and community families.

Saskatoon Student Child Care Services

Royal West Early Learning Centre

Located in Royal West Campus for young families finishing/upgrading high school education and community families.

Family Testimonials